Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scaredy-Crow Cat

I got to wear another coat! Yay! Is it bad that I get this excited over the concept of cool weather? I guess not since tomorrow is another day and that day will probably be 95 degrees.

Florida is a fickle, fickle mistress.

Anyway! I made this skirt. The fabric was found cut into panels, so I pieced it back together and made myself an extra wide waistband with the leftover striped parts, because I like that look.

And then- a zipper.

Did I thrill you with that story? I know. My life is fascinating.

Also, I have not worn heels in about a year and I soon regretted it after taking these pictures. Lesson learned about my ankles. They are weak like thin, wobbly daisies and should not be put into heels anymore (even if they are a measly 2 inches high...the heels, I mean, not my ankles...).

Unless, of course, the outfit requires heels.
That's obvious.

More after the jump!

I made this pin, too. It came off of a trophy somebody won for pigeon racing. No joke. We bought the trophies at an estate sale and this plaque fell off of one, so I did what any sane, normal person would do-

I fashioned it into a brooch.

Because who wouldn't want to be the "Best Young Hen"?

(that picture is when I totally thought something was in the trees off-camera)

 Outfit Details
Skirt - Made by me from vintage fabric
Sweater - Vintage
Blouse - Vintage
All jewelry - Vintage
Shoes - Target, I think
Belt - Vintage

I'm just realizing now that the title to this post makes no sense because it has nothing to do with cats (or scarecrows, for that matter, besides them being on my skirt).

But I like word play and bad puns, so it's okay.

It's my blog and I'll "wry" if I want to.

Ha ha ha.


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