Tuesday, January 12, 2016

For the Love of Coats

Nothing is more true and real than a person's love for their coat.

Yeah. Their coat. I said it. And I stand by it.

I remember finding this vintage Lord & Taylor beauty. It was this infamous (well, to me and my mother, anyway) estate sale where I got bumped out of the closet. Granted, this was a number of years ago when I first started looking for vintage clothes and I was terrified. Now I would have tackled those ladies and pried the clothes out of their hands.

I'm just kidding....sort of.

Even though I was brutally knocked out of a closet full of gorgeous and high-end dresses, I did manage to grab some fantastic coats (which I cling on to like a hoarder) and cashmere sweaters (which I sold...like a non-hoarder...). This here coat is one of them. It's that perfect color and weight and cut and was "Made in Sweden", which makes it that much better in a weird way, and will last forever.

Paired with these boots it makes me feel like a fancy Englishman from the early 20th century. And that is a way every young woman wants to feel.

More on the rest of the outfit after the jump!

For my first outfit post after my awkward, sad, yet uplifting last post I wanted to keep it fairly casual since I was to run errands, but I also wanted to step it up a bit. So I went with a "casual glamour" sort of look.

I've had this sweater for a long time as well- probably for about as long as I've had the coat. I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere as I always thought it was a "dressy sweater" and "dressy sweaters" are not for "the grocery store". 

Not anymore! Why not wear it? Paired with jeans, I think it works well casually. Sparkles aren't just for the evening! Sparkles are for the morning time too! Same with red lipstick! And big rings! And hair that took me fourteen tries to do! Yeah! (Imagine a freeze-frame jump here and it makes this whole improperly punctuated paragraph better!)

Outfit Details
Coat - Vintage from estate sale
Sweater - Vintage from estate sale
Jeans - I don't remember
Boots - MakeMeChic
All Jewelry - Vintage from garage sales

I also enjoy that the beading and sequins continue on to the back and are even accenting the sleeve cuffs. Those are 1950's details you just don't see too much anymore.

The oval buttons are another great detail that I don't think enough sweaters have.

So those are my demands for life. Beaded cuffs and oval buttons. 

And more coats "Made in Sweden". Cuz that's cool to me apparently.


P.S. Mourn this coat because it will be headed back in the closet for another 75 years to chill with my other neglected coats. Another demand- Florida needs to be cold. Someone can make that happen, right?

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