Monday, April 6, 2015

I Come Bearing Swimsuits

Oh boy it's been awhile. My last post was back in the beginning of December, and that wasn't really an actual post with, you know, words and stuff, so really I haven't posted anything since October.

Yeesh. I'm bad at this.

In my defense the past number of months have been those crazy "can't get a minute to think or do anything" periods of time when all of a sudden you realize it's Easter and you're like: 

"When did Christmas happen?!"

and then you're frustrated because you haven't accomplished much in the way of things you really wanted to do/were planning on doing/should have done already. I bring you swimsuits as an apology.

So. That makes up for it, right? :-P

I found these awhile ago- back in August- and I've been hoarding the majority of the swimsuits for summer, but I can't wait any more because they're just too cute.

My favorite is the Alix of Miami embroidered number in the top left. So gorgeous and super flattering! They just don't make them like they used to. I mean, that swimsuit has a metal zipper, inside back placket with hooks and eyes, super-ruching in front, and this pleated petal bustline detail thing (that's legtimate-professional-vintage-talk, you know) that makes you look like Esther Williams. 

These will be coming to the shop this week and, hopefully, I get back to posting more regularly and about less boring things soon!

Unless I don't. Then I'll have to find more swimsuits.


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