Friday, July 4, 2014

Window Shopping (and how not to eat a sandwich)

I was going to take some outfit pictures yesterday, but being the classy dame that I am, I was eating a sandwich and dripped red pepper juice down the front of my shirt, so that was out.

I found a bit of refuge from my clumsiness and inability to properly feed myself in some online window-shopping! I do enjoy it seeing as I don't buy too many things for myself outside of vintage items from garage sales or the occasional clearance item.

It's fun having a fantasy wardrobe/home! Like, if I had an unlimited budget for myself...what would I buy?

I'm kicking it off with some mid century home decor! Now, technically this doesn't count as window-shopping because these are from my mother's shop, but I just love these watch coasters! They are one of my favorite things she's found!

(Source: PaperandOldLace)
As I've noted before I really love a vintage pinafore/jumper dress and this one from Jitterbuggin' is so cute! And the emerald green color is beautiful! Their suspender pants are adorable as well.

(Source: Jitterbuggin)

Loving these wide leg 1930s style pants from Jack's Daughter on Etsy, too! They would look amazing with a white art deco style blouse like...

(Source: Jacks Daughter)

This one! From Love Charles on Etsy. They have some other great things too that I was eyeing!

(Source: Love Charles)

I am constantly on the hunt for a 40s style swimsuit-y/playsuit-y outfit that has enough coverage, but is still really cute with a fun print. This one from Vintage Rags and Digs fits the bill pretty perfectly!

I also found some really lovely, super affordable pieces, too! Such a pretty print and mix of colors on this 1950s day dress from ZoweeVintage!

(Source: ZoweeVintage)

These skirts are beautiful. The cut, style, and patterns are wonderful and I think I may just have to get myself one soon! The anchor print is also very patriotic! :-)

(Source: Hannah Everly)

So that's what happens when I ruin a shirt- I immediately start figuring out how to replace it...with skirts?*

I obviously have other problems besides not being able to eat a sandwich properly. :-P

I hope everyone is having a nice Fourth of July! To those not in the states- have a nice weekend too! At least you won't have to listen to 9 straight hours of neighbor's launching illegal fireworks!)


*It wasn't actually ruined. I got the stain out, but it was scary for a second there. Red pepper juice on white = a full 10 second freak out (i.e. "It's destroyed! There's no way I can get this out! Might as well throw it away! I'll never get that 20 dollars back now!, etc.")

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  1. That's too bad that you didn't get to take pictures, but I'm glad it's not totally ruined. I find myself online window-shopping sometimes, too. The green jumper dress and the swimsuit are my favorites, but I can definitely see why you singled these items out--they're all so great! I hope you have a great Fourth of July!!
    xx Tessie