Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fashion News

Alongside catalogues and original, period advertisements, sometimes the best representations of what women were really wearing back in the day are sewing patterns. 

The illustrations on these patterns are not only pretty to look at, but they are also great pieces of reference material for dating styles of clothing. I found these "Butterick Fashion News" pamphlets from February and March of 1948 in a group of vintage patterns. They were used to demonstrate upcoming patterns for home sewers to order.

You gotta love everything in them- not only are the shapes and styles perfectly late 1940s, but the patterns,  prints, and suggested materials demonstrate exactly what was "Fashion News"! for the Spring at the time.

Which is your favorite?

March 1948 below the cut. (Photo heavy!)

Puff sleeves and cute little collars galore! I do like that dress with the scalloped edge detail- it must have been a popular one as they showed it in both booklets!



  1. Can we just take a moment and admit how insane it is that these women would be able to sew such fancy clothes at home!? I mean,color me impressed. One of them is for a wedding dress for crying out loud! That's just so awesome. I really like them all but my favorite ones are the fancier gowns :)

    And you noticing the queso corn first in my post makes you my kind of person ;) haha!

    xo marlen
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    1. I know! It's incredible what some home sewers were capable of making! I'm particularly impressed by the wedding dress. It's interesting that many women did make their own wedding dresses- it's a shame people don't really make their own clothes any more. It's kind of a lost art!

  2. These are nothing short of stop-you-in-your-tracks amazing!!! I love not only the garments (and accessories themselves), but the illustrations. The classic art of fashion illustration has largely fallen to the wayside in recent decades, which is such a shame, because it is timeless and deserves to hold court (again) the way it once did. In an age of digital camera and uber fashion fashion though, outside of the big couture houses (and often, not even there any more), I doubt it will, sadly. Thankfully we can pour over and admire vintage illustrations like this and savour this art form through such pieces.

    ♥ Jessica