Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have a problem.
I think it's a good thing to admit it because that means I recognize it and want to improve as a human being.


My name is Melissa and I am a pin addict.

Thank you to Jenny of Singing Bird Vintage for inspiring me to talk about my own pin obsession!

My addiction snuck up on me. It starts off with a tiny pin won for being on the 5th grade honor roll, then you find your first vintage brooch at a garage sale for cheap and it all careens downhill from there. You think you can handle it.

They're just pins.
They don't take up too much room.
And they're such a good price!
I'd be a fool to pass this up!

Next thing you know you have brooches and pinbacks, badges and buttons coming out of your ears, taking up every shelf in your bedroom, and collecting so many dust bunnies you could start a Pig Pen-themed petting zoo.

In an effort to make some room in my, well, room, to put a much-needed exercise machine that I bought, I don't know...6 MONTHS AGO...I was forced to deal with this pin problem head on.

I need to remove the shelf contraption much of my collection is on, so I gathered every pin I could find from their various spots; the horrendous over-sized shelf thing, boxes on my dresser, trays on top of drawers, a random few found underneath some scarves, and others re-discovered in, of all places, my sewing cabinet (which I sadly hardly use for sewing...I know, I'M AWFUL).

After I collected the pins I could find together, I thought I'd take a moment to snap some pictures to document my problem in case I might relapse in the future.

The Enamel Flowers

The Animal Brooches

The Buttons

The Novelty Pins

The Tiny Pin Backs

They haven't gone to waste, though. I love and have worn every single one at some point. My goal is to continue to put these into rotation and give the older ones more attention, as I haven't worn them as much as I'd like to since graduating from high school.

These have been collected over many years and I've become much pickier about which ones I buy, so they haven't really been multiplying as quickly as they were before.

It's something about brooches. I wear them far more than any other item of jewelry. I think it's because they're often quirkier or more interesting than a bangle or ring could be. Plus, you can make a lot of small random items into brooches by gluing a pin back on it, as I used to do a lot. Small toys, trophy plates, you name it, it can be turned into a brooch.

Speaking of...I found this old Little Bo Peep Christmas ornament that would make an awesome pin! Oh, and I have a stuffed Frog and Toad ornament!

Wait! There's that other thing, too...

Uh oh.


(My bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings are an entirely separate issue which I won't even go into. Suffice it to say you can sum it up in two words: "hoarder alert!"
Blame my mother. She's actually worse.
Suitcases full.
Suit. Cases.)


  1. Wow, beautiful! I have a few pins, but nothing compared to your impressive collection! I love the flowers especially-so colorful and fun! I need to go pin-hunting now! :)

  2. I LOVE pins, too, and though I don't own many at the moment, I can definitely see myself becoming a pin addict. You have an awesome collection. :)
    xx, Tessie

  3. Haha you really ARE a pin addict! There's so cute so I can understand getting swept away with it, they're just so fun and quirky :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Hi Melissa! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The full details are at my blog, if you have any questions or don't want to receive it, don't hesitate in letting me know.