Sunday, June 22, 2014

Estate Sale Weekend #5

There's been about a 5 week gap since we've been able to get out to any sales (due to my poor mother breaking her knee cap and me helping her out the best I could), so this weekend was kind of a "get back in the swing of things" thing. We only got to a few, so this won't be a lengthy post, but I wanted to share a little bit of my adventure this weekend.

Friday was pretty bad. I think we only got to three or four and two of those weren't "opened" when we arrived, so we left. I use quotes because the people were there, the stuff was outside, but they were moving really slowly and just kind of stared at us like we had four heads, so we figured they didn't want to be bothered yet.

The last sale let a few people in ahead of time and then locked the door in my face. :-/ Which doesn't happen often, but when it does, woo boy is it frustrating! But I guess it is their right to do what they please. 

My mother was the only one who ended up with anything- some mid century glasses, a floral brass wreath, and some Victorian-style painted postcards.

Saturday was slightly better. We went to a high school theatre department's rummage sale which had racks of clothing they were purging from their costume room to make way for a recent, huge donation.

They too let a few people in ahead of time, but luckily we arrived at the right moment before they shut the doors and stopped letting anyone in. This turned out to be a moot point because no one else showed up for awhile anyway. But when they did it was a circus.
Most of the items were new, modern things that I'm sure were donated recently and a lot of vintage pieces were in rough shape (it being a high school drama club, after all, and in my personal experience being a part of such a group means beautiful vintage becomes merely a costume for a high school's High School Musical*). 

I managed to find and rescue around 50 of the best pieces (a few cute, little dresses, a lot of blouses, men's Hawaiian shirts, and a few older pieces) that we spent today cleaning and sprucing up. At the next sale (we only got to the two) I did find two other vintage dresses and a pretty tooled leather belt. The summery things will be heading to the shop soon and the more autumnal items will wait for colder weather.

So, this weekend turned out to be a nice way to get back into work after a long time out. It felt great to get back to garage saling- we definitely missed it (I don't know if that's kind of sad or really sad, but whatever!)

I hope everyone had and continues to have a good weekend! :-)


*My drama department did not do High School Musical, thankyouverymuch. But we did perform Shakespeare, which is basically the same.


  1. Doesn't sound like a bad haul at all despite having the door shut in your face once (which would've frustrated me, too!).

    We certainly never did High School Musical when I was high school drama; we mostly did plays from the 50s and 60s that were easy to get the rights to. :P


    1. I wish we did more plays from the 50s and 60s! I definitely would have enjoyed the costumes a lot more!