Friday, May 2, 2014

Someone Else's Road Trip

I mentioned a little while back that I found an old collection of vintage matchbooks at an estate sale. Matchbooks are great representations of mid century advertising as they usually feature some great atomic era imagery or fun slogans. 
The collector must of had quite a trip up and down the East Coast. It's interesting how common matchbook collecting was- I guess they were pretty easy and accessible souvenirs! 

Plus, they didn't take up any room in your luggage.

Read on for a lot more pictures!

I wonder how many of these places are still around. 

And how many of them have been turned into parking garages. :-/


I totally just bummed you out, didn't I?


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  1. Agh, you DID just totally bum me out! All the same, these are so cool! The artwork on each of these is awesome. What a traveler the owner must've been.