Monday, May 19, 2014

Life's A Beach

Beaches make me seasick.

You're welcome for that gross peek into my life. It's just another thing that makes everyone I meet think I'm incredibly appealing. I don't know why they do (perhaps it's the direct sunlight, motion of the ocean, salty air, or the fact that I am a wimp?), they just do and for that reason I have not owned a swimsuit since I was 11.

"Wait, what about pools?" you might say.

To coincide with my irrational fear of beaches I also have a strange phobia of public pools. It's something about being in front of strangers in a bathing suit, I think. But this has more to do with the options we have nowadays rather than any unfortunate vertigo I might experience.

Now, if we time-warped back to 1949, I'd probably have no issue slapping on a swimsuit and high-tailing it to the pool when the thermometer cracked the upper 90s (as it is want to do come mid-May).

There's something about vintage swimsuits that I love. Designers seemed to pay more attention to design, pattern, print, cut, and detail rather than focusing on making them as small as possible, you know? Plus, they were often paired with cover-up jackets or skirts to create entire ensembles, which is always amazing. They were made to be worn like outfits instead of just swimwear.

Bathing suits from the middle part of the 20th century prove that a person doesn't have to show everything in order to look really alluring and cute. 

I know that there are modern options that have vintage-inspired looks, and those are fabulous, but they aren't always easy to find and when you have lots of necessary particulars (like me) it makes it even harder to locate the perfect one. I need a certain length and coverage in order to feel comfortable, as well as straps, and a cute novelty print or special detail like pom-poms or ruffles would be nice. And, of course, you need it to fit and be flattering.

If it came with some gold doubloons or a unicorn, that'd be great too.

So, I'm still on the lookout for the right suit. Maybe then I'll be a total beach bunny.

Head down to the shore, looking fierce, bucket in hand to make sandcastles with...

oh, and probably to hurl in.

(Again, you're welcome.)



  1. I love vintage bathing suits too, but I think the reason they look so good is because they weren't made of the crappy bathing suit material we have today. Even the reproduction vintage suits have a sort of sloppy or flat appearance to them. I like the idea, I've just never felt they looked that great in person. I'm sure there are good reasons for switching to spandex/whatever for our bathing suits, but it looks so blah and you can't use it to create shapes like they did back then.

  2. Wow, I didn't even think about changes in material! You are so right! You would think with all the new materials and technology we have now it would broaden the possibilities, but I guess it's all about making things on the cheap now. :-/ Thanks for your comment! :-)

  3. THANK YOU for posting this! I love absolutely every one of these suits. I am not a two piece gal-but I might make an exception for that Catalina two piece with the big blue flower. I, like you, never go swimming because I just don't feel like wearing (basically) underwear for other people to see me. I have found one 1940's swimsuit at a flea market and I kind of want to find a place to wear it to this summer :)