Sunday, May 11, 2014

Estate Sale Weekend #4

There hasn't been an estate sale weekend post for a few weeks now and it's mainly because they have been pretty bad. A tchotchke here, a random vase there. Just not much of anything.
But this weekend was terrific! My mother and I each got a load of wonderful things. She scored a bunch of mid century pottery and paintings all for a really great price. We both ended up with some amazing pieces of jewelry, so it definitely made up for the last couple of weekends.

We actually went out on a Thursday (a rare occurrence for us) and it was awful. We did end up scoring some cleaning supplies and bobby pins for was that.

Friday was not much better. The sales were scarce and not at all promising. I did find some cool novelty fabric I hope to make a blouse or skirt from!

But Saturday was the best. We only went to two sales, which is really all you need when they are actually good. Actually, one sale suffices if it really blows your mind (like The Shop Lady or other sales where I've found vintage clothes). 

At the first sale where we got the jewelry, we were the only ones there for awhile and the people were so nice!
All of this belonged to a pair of 100 year old ladies who apparently loved modernist style things and Indian jewelry. Along with some Mexican sterling and artisan-type pieces, we found a Georg Jensen sterling bracelet (my mother nearly hypervenilated) and a lovely Joseff of Hollywood sun brooch. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we got a whole box full, but I tried to pick out some of the best to show.

At the second sale that day my mother got some great vintage sterling flatware, candlesticks, and antique books.

Goes to show that if you're dedicated to getting up at the crack of crack of dawn every weekend, it'll hopefully work out!

However, judging by how our days usually go next weekend will probably be ripe with Cool Whip tubs and dog crates.

But hey, you never know, right? :-)



  1. What a great haul! That sun brooch looks so cool and creepy all at once!! I love that necklace with the glittery stones (abalone?), too.

  2. Wow, wow, wow and wow again, dear gal, that is an amazing haul. I am daydreaming (to no end) about finding similar quantities of items now even more that I have my own Etsy shop. I know that such is exceedingly unlikely around these parts (where the yard sales seem to get more and more lackluster and underwhelming with each passing year), but I'm out there every weekend (that my health will permit) hitting just about (if not) all of the sales in town, so you just never know when luck my strike me as well. Fingers crossed! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. wow what absolutely gorgeous stuff

    retro rover

  4. talk about LOOT, it looks like you robbed a treasure chest! I can't get over that vintage high once you score an amazing haul, haha. i love all the gems you found here

    xo marlen
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