Sunday, April 6, 2014

If Only I Could...

Do you ever have those moments when you see something you love and you think:

"If only I could sew/knit/cook/weld...I would totally make that!"

I have moments like this every time I see a great circle skirt or cute crafty thing until I remember that I cannot, in fact, do any of those things.
I want to and it's totally not for lack of trying, but I quickly find that my efforts at crafting/paper-folding/knitting start unraveling.
I crafted as a child! I made one mean clothespin caterpillar that still holds a elementary school portrait of me on my grandmother's fridge.
Well, a picture of me taken when I was in school and posted on her fridge, not a picture of nine-year-old me sitting on her fridge.
That'd be weird.
Perhaps it's because I don't have the patience any more or maybe I have good intentions that just go awry, but I hope that there are other people out there like me who hit 20 and accidentally dropped the crafting gene like a sack of potatoes. Or, people who start a project, get bored, turn on the TV, notice Pride and Prejudice is on, and decide to watch that for the 50th time instead.
It's just so much more cost effective to make your own things and it gives you a burst of pride when somebody else likes your work!

So, in hopes of igniting the fire, I thought I'd share my lengthening list of all the things I would make if only I could...


Pinafores, pinafores, pinafores. I would sew me up some grand pinafore/jumper/suspender skirt dresses in all colors and patterns. People would wonder if I owned pants.

Vogue, August 11th 1954

I have deep-rooted aspirations of making a pair of shorts that have the perfect high waist, length that isn't too short or too long, and have a vintage sailor vibe. Also, they have to be denim and they have to be dark blue. And have buttons.
Easy enough, right? :-D



I have had my eye on this scarf (or "mantle" as they call it in Vogue) for a long time. The extra-long length, bold stripes, and fringe are perfect. Knitting is priority #1 at the moment as I need to recreate this come fall and, also, make a super long, chunky mustard scarf too.

Vogue, August 1st 1954

And oh, the glorious novelty sweaters I'd make...

1950s Sailor Jumper by Subversive Femme on Etsy
1940s Cherry Jumper by Subversive Femme on Etsy

Make Hats

This one is the most far-fetched out of everything, but I can't help but dream of quirky vintage hats. They are absolutely works of art (demonstrated by the fact that these were shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...) but extremely hard to find. I have so much admiration for milliners- so creative and inventive! I have vintage mesh hat forms that I bought at an estate sale, but they continue to remain untouched in a hat box.


Needle Felt

Like I need another reason to be addicted to sweaters. Needle felting is a great way to patch up holes in sweaters and you can add adorable little details to plain cardigans to jazz them up. I am all over this!


I am very much aware that these are all attainable things and with some practice and dedication I can definitely accomplish all of my goals. With a little faith and courage, I can spread my wings and-
Oh, wait.
Pride and Prejudice is on.



  1. I know what you mean. I watch old movies and would totally love to make some of the dresses and outfits I see there. Alas, I have very minimal sewing skills:(

    1. I'm glad someone understands my pain! I have collected so much lovely vintage fabric and have nothing to do with it! If I could sew, my wardrobe would be so stuffed because I'm constantly seeing wonderful vintage pieces that I would love to copy!

  2. What an awesome, can-do spirit! I think we all have a lot of those kinds of things that we wish we could make, but shy away from even trying. I've been guilty of such myself a few times and when I have taken the plunge, have never regretted (especially in the case of paper crafting).

    I wish you unending success with all your exciting, creative plans, sweet gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Jessica!
      Paper crafting is another task that I hope someday to be able to dabble in. It's just so much fun to make things for yourself! It definitely gives you a burst of pride when you accomplish something you've always wanted to do. Especially if it's something you can wear out and show off! :-)