Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hearts and Daisies

I'm ba-ack!
 But still semi-sick and the temperature here has sky-rocketed which does not make a good combo. 
Where are the places that are still cold? I was watching a baseball game on television and the people were wearing scarves and jackets.

Scarves and jackets.

My ideal living situation would be Alaska. Or Siberia. Maybe Antarctica? The colder the better because I love me some sweaters, but dislike me some sweat.

I'm powering through, though. 
Thanks to some happy, bright colors and adorable brooches!

This 60s dress is perfect for the spring/summer heat and paired with some red accessories plus a little enamel daisy pin- it makes sweltering humidity partially bearable.

I love these red cut-out oxfords! I found them at a garage sale a long time ago (well, a house sale because it wasn't in a garage but in a dark upstairs condo apartment). The lady also had vintage hats, but wanted a lot for them. I dug these shoes out of a box and she only wanted 50 cents - what!

Dress: Vintage (had it a long time...probably via a sale of some sort)
Belt: Vintage via estate sale (10 cents - what!)
Shoes: Vintage via garage sale
All Jewelry: Vintage via various garage/estate/yard sales

I hope everyone else's spring is starting off a little cooler! The heat and humidity here always creates a little bit of a challenge for me clothing-wise. I have the closet of someone who does live in Antarctica, which makes it difficult to dress for the summer weather. But I'm trying! 

So don't be alarmed if you see me in a sweater come July.

Well, actually, no, do be alarmed. And maybe call a medic.



  1. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better--despite the weather! It's not so warm here, just really rainy.

    This dress is so adorable, though! Perfect for spring, and it looks so cool with the shoes and the belt and the big ol' red beads. So cute.

    Hope the weather improves where you are!


  2. Oh I want to do more vintage/garage sale too if thats worth it !!
    Like the shape of the shoes, red is not really my color but i really enjoy that shape.