Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Blouses Are Coming!

The blouses are coming!
Seriously, I've got blouses coming out my ears.
All of these came from that amazing sale I've talked about a couple of times (here and here). Whoever originally owned these seemed to buy one of every color and pattern from the Sears, Spiegel, and Aldens catalogs. There's gingham, novelty prints, stripes, ruffles, florals, and great colors for spring- mostly all cotton and with that crisp, new old stock feel.
They will be pouring into the shop throughout the spring and into summer (I'm saving the sleeveless ones for some warmer weather!)
Which is your favorite?

I love the gingham blouses- such a quintessential spring/summer staple! The novelty prints are fantastic, though, and so it that navy blue striped one.
Ah...too many choices! And this is just scratching the surface! 
Stay tuned!



  1. Oh, I can't even choose! They're all beautiful! I have to agree with you, though. I love gingham. I would live in gingham if I could. I really like the yellow floral print one, too, though! I can't wait to see what else you have in store.


    1. The yellow floral blouse is very pretty! The colors are so bright and cheery in person!