Monday, March 31, 2014

Still into Fall

It was a mildly cool day the other day so I decided to bust out some of my fall favorites that haven't seen the light of day in awhile. "Autumn" and "Winter" are somewhat foreign concepts to me seeing as they last a combined 14 1/2 hours a year in Florida.
So when a decent chill is in the air, you gotta take advantage of it.

And even though it's technically spring, I still love a fall color palette. Sometimes it's fun not letting the seasons dictate what you want to wear.

The color burgundy likes the springtime, too!

Plus, I spotted this vintage bag I recently found (shown here) on my way out the door and it matched perfectly.

Skirt - Vintage
Blouse - Forever 21
Sweater - Vintage
Purse - Vintage
All Jewelry - Vintage
Boots - MakeMeChic

I do love me some pattern mixing, too! I think it modernizes vintage pieces quite well. If you aren't comfortable going for complete era perfection (I admire those ladies so much, but I can't quite seem to handle the task!) it's a fun way to mix vintage and modern pieces together.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Blouses Are Coming!

The blouses are coming!
Seriously, I've got blouses coming out my ears.
All of these came from that amazing sale I've talked about a couple of times (here and here). Whoever originally owned these seemed to buy one of every color and pattern from the Sears, Spiegel, and Aldens catalogs. There's gingham, novelty prints, stripes, ruffles, florals, and great colors for spring- mostly all cotton and with that crisp, new old stock feel.
They will be pouring into the shop throughout the spring and into summer (I'm saving the sleeveless ones for some warmer weather!)
Which is your favorite?

I love the gingham blouses- such a quintessential spring/summer staple! The novelty prints are fantastic, though, and so it that navy blue striped one.
Ah...too many choices! And this is just scratching the surface! 
Stay tuned!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Mint and Polka Dots

For those who have a vintage clothing shop, do you find yourself waiting for an item not to sell so that you can say "Oh well, guess no one wants it- MINE!"...or is that just me?
That happened with this lovely Dalton mint green cashmere sweater. I had it in the shop and when it didn't sell I greedily decided to keep it. 
It was kind of the best decision ever because it's a perfect color for spring with primo layering ability and it's super soft.

I paired it with a navy blue vintage dress, tapestry purse, polka dot tights, glittery oxfords, and a load of jewelry. A girl can never have on too much jewelry, in my opinion! The tackier, the better!

Dress - Vintage
Sweater - Vintage
Shoes - Forever 21
Tights - Nordstrom
Purse - Vintage
All Jewelry - Vintage

This is my first outfit post! Eek! I really had to hype myself up to post one as I am normally quite shy and reserved. Hopefully there will be more in the future! :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Estate Sale Weekend #1

I'm hoping to start a new series on this here blog that will cover my weekly estate sale/garage sale acquisitions. I say "hoping" because sometimes the weekend brings me nothing but a coffee hangover and an achy back, but I think it might be fun to discuss some of the goodies I find each week if I do happen to find some.

This is post number one of the series, so here we go!

Read on for details! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Shop Lady

Through my adventures in thrifting, garage saling (is that a word? if not, it should be) and vintage-seeking I come across many wonderful women who share in my love for fashion. Unfortunately, I don't always catch their names and so I bestow nicknames to the ladies whose eye for vintage clothing really sticks out in my mind. Their sales were the most exciting and ripe with lovely garments. The most recent of these I addressed in a past post, whom I call "The Shop Lady" (so named because she owned a vintage clothing store...I'm obviously very creative with my nicknames). Some of the pieces I got from her have already found their new homes, but most are still in the shop. They really are some wonderful pieces and I loved talking with her about them! Here are some of my faves!

I recently got enough sun time to snap pictures of some more of the 'Spring' items, which will be popping into the shop soon!

That striped crop top and skirt set and the Mode O'Day dress (top row) are my favorites, but I have a soft spot for everything, really! It's hard not to! The Shop Lady had an impeccable eye and I'm sure her store was amazing!