Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Autumn in Winter

I know autumn is technically over, but I still love busting out the maroon, mustard, and navy well into winter and, frankly, any day of the year! I don't think someone should be corralled by what is "in season", you know? Well, except when it comes to fruit.

So when I was wriggling some new items on to my mannequin, all the fall colors I was seeing were screaming to be paired together!

The skirt and blouse are available in the shop. The sweater (excuse all the pilling- yeesh!) and the jewelry are my own.

It's enjoyable dolling up the mannequin in pieces that I unfortunately cannot fit into. It's dressing vicariously through a foam dummy, which some might say is strange, but I would say...yeah, it is pretty strange. But also a lot of fun!


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