Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy 'Haul'-idays

See what I did there? Not like nobody's ever said that before ever, but I like to work under the guise that I am what some may refer to as "clever". Even if I'm not.

As I noted in my last post, it's crazy lucky if one stumbles across vintage clothing at an estate sale, garage sale, thrift store, street corner, what-have-you, etc., and so forth, so when you do come across a bunch of clothes it's like some kind of weird vintage-lover's Christmas, even if the real Christmas is just a few weeks away.

That's what happened last weekend. I hit the motherload at an estate sale that advertised "vintage clothing from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s" along with "Baby Bjorn- new in box"!, which would typically ward me away. It entirely threw me off, as in our time going to sales, every weekend for the last 8 years (for me, at least, my mother has been doing this longer) vintage things usually don't coincide with anything new or Baby-related. But we (female, garage-sale hunting, clothing obsessed Batman and Robin) went anyway and boy, am I glad we did.

Holy torpedoes, Batman. It was insane. An older lady who owned a vintage store in Illinois had moved down to Florida to be with her kids and did not want to store her wares in the garage any longer. There were boxes and boxes of high quality dresses, blouses, skirts, sweaters and suits- most new old stock and with original tags still attached! Everything in immaculate, beautiful, unworn condition.

Ugh, it was heaven. And we were the ONLY. ONES. THERE. Call it the "Miracle on Whatever-Street-That-Was". I was straight-up Natalie Wood pulling on Santa's beard. Amazing.

I'm still sorting through everything and, since most items were too small for me, trying to figure out what to keep (a.k.a anything that will fit). It was so exciting and good timing, because I was having a rough week and it definitely lifted my spirits sharing the love of vintage with the store owner. They may just be clothes, but they're something that can bring people together and make someone smile! It's something that doesn't happen very often, and she was so happy to be letting go of her things to someone who appreciates them like her, so I guess in a way it was fate.

I'll be posting more updates about this group after the holidays, into spring and summer, so keep an eye out!

Happy Holidays and an even better New Year! :-)


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Having a Blue Christmas...(and realizing how terrible of a blogger I am)

Oh man. It's been almost a solid 2 months since my last post. I am a bad blogger.

It's good that I am admitting it...that's how you fix your problems. Hopefully I will be posting more now that I have a smidgen of free time with it being the holiday season and all!

I was taking pictures of new items for the shop when I noticed that they all had something in common. Instead of being red and green to celebrate the upcoming yuletide holiday or sparkling and festive, they were all blue. From teal to sky blue, from navy to cyan, all of the blue spectrum is covered.


The circle skirt, novelty print set, seafoam sweater dress, and the gorgeous wool suit (which I would have kept if not for that it is, in fact, a full-on WOOL SUIT. That + Florida = heat exhaustion...Have I mentioned that it's hot here?) are recent estate sale finds. Ignored (why?, I don't know) by a pair of dealer ladies who were giving me the sideways eye as I arrived late and encroached upon their territory. This happens a lot, actually. With quality vintage being so rare nowadays, you gotta watch out for the competition!

It's a dog eat dog world out there and I'm just a possum.

That made no sense.


These goodies will be heading into the shop through December and into January, so stay tuned!