Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sweater Set

Yes, this is the second post in less than a month that has to do with sweaters.
I said I was obsessed!
Fortunately, what I am about to discuss is an entirely different animal.
The sweater SET.

We've all seen them, made by Lofties, Lass O' Scotland, or Kimberly, from the 40s or 50s, and potentially adorned with beads or sequins. Casually woolen, but still oh-so-glamorous. A knit sweater with a matching skirt that will bring the wearer straight through fall and deep into winter.

   Vogue 128, Issue 10, December 1, 1956, pg.67 
Vogue 120, Issue 3, August 15, 1952
So when I found two randomly at the bottom of a box containing fabric scraps and towels, clean and lovely as ever, I was very excited. Silly as it sounds, I had never actually found one in person and only been relegated to staring from afar at images in old magazines or for sale at various places online.

Vogue 118, Issue 3, August 15, 1951
Lofties by Lawrence
Is it the shape of the sweater- typically dolman sleeves and a nipped in waist - or the swingy skirt that just screams 1950s starlet?

   Lass O' Scotland 
Whatever it is, they really are fabulous and so chic. I would have hoarded them and worn them in the sweltering heat like a nut, but alas, they do not fit and so shall head to the shop once we get further into fall for a cold-weather gal to wear with pride.

Just know I will be super jealous.


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