Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Leaning Tower of Sweaters

There is nothing better than a vintage sweater.
Ok, well, there are probably a few things better, but not much when you're talking about clothing and not food or baby animals doing something hilariously adorable...

I was lucky enough to come across an estate sale with a closet-full of beautiful vintage sweaters- cashmere, lambswool, beaded, collared, etc etc. I'm talking quintessential bombshell sweater girl stuff. It was very exciting and a decent workout- a towering pile of sweaters and hangers falling out of your arms as you struggle to leave a 4x4 foot closet is great for quads, in case one ever finds they are in such a situation.
That sale produced more goodies, but the sweaters were the highlight for me.

Despite living in 90 degree weather 364 days of the year, I still insist on toughing it and am frequently the only one rocking a full-on wool sweater in the middle of the day like an insane person. I'm pretty sure I'm also the sole record-owner of "Most Sweaters in the Sunshine State"- a lonely but proud record to hold.

Didn't somebody say that you needed to "suffer for fashion" or "pass out for pashminas" or something like that?

That person was totally right.

These are the sweaters in question along with some others that I randomly found another time, stuffed in a box, underneath towels and fabric scraps- typical for an area where the uniform is tank tops and shorts...for women and men.


All of these will be making an appearance in the shop throughout October, just in time for sweater season! When my home state will be a balmy 85 degrees!

Hopefully others will get more use out of them then I would...despite my love of fainting like an overheated Victorian debutante.


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