Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello! Welcome to Savvy Spinster Vintage's new blog!
It's taken me so long to actually start a blog for the shop because, very much like a 105 year old woman (which I am most definitely not- tack off about 80-something years), I am terrified of technology. Vintage phonographs are much more my speed, I think...not that I'd know how to operate one as, mentioned above, I am not actually 105...
This will be the space where I will post new additions to the shop as well as my crazy adventures in thrifting-land where I attempt to dig up treasures for customers to enjoy.
I love vintage clothing- it's pretty much all I wear and a part of why I started my shop was because I love finding it as much as I love wearing it. I've been chugging along at estate sales since high school, soaking in the historical magic a well-loved piece of clothing can bring as well as unearthing a buried-away treasure that could very well be somebody's sartorial-Hope Diamond.
So if anybody reads this, please bear with me as I attempt to muddle my way through this whole blogging thing! :-)
To kick it off- here are some lovely vintage dresses that will be coming into the shop this week!

Thanks for stopping by!
-Melissa (Owner and Operator (is that what it's called? curator? madwoman?) of SavvySpinsterVintage)

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